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Hi I'm Susan Bowerman and today's how to is about selecting and storing mushrooms.

You know, mushrooms are worth getting to know considering that a medium mushroom only has about 4 calories. So let's talk about how to select and store them. When you look for mushrooms in the store, the first thing you want to look for is to make sure your mushroom cap is dry. You also want to make sure your mushroom is firm—no soft spots or moldy spots. They shouldn't have any moisture on them.

Then the second thing you want to do with your mushroom is turn it over. If you're looking at small brown mushrooms or white mushrooms, the underside of your mushrooms should be closed because that's going to be an indication that it's fresh. With the portabella mushrooms, you are always going to find that the underside is always open. Portabella mushrooms tend to have a richer, meatier flavor so you can't expect them to be closed.

So now you are ready to store your mushrooms. When you get home, you ...

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