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Hi I'm Susan Bowerman, registered dietician. And todays how to video is all about avocados how to select them how to store them and most importantly how to cut them.

When you go to the market and you are looking for an avocado what you want to do is just press very gently
Around the stem end. It should yield a little bit if it's really soft it's probably over ripe. When you get your avocado home if it still feels a little bit firm to you go and put it in a brown paper bag and just leave it on the counter for a day or two. And just check it until it feels like it's the right degree of ripeness for you.

When you get ready to prepare your avocado a lot of times there is this stem left, you can just pop that out with your finger. And to slice your avocado just hold it in your hand and I'm going to slice it all the way around very simple just bring my knife back to where I started and you should be able to just twist the two halves apart.

Now in order to get the pit out you are...

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