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I'm Susan Bowerman, Herbalife nutritionist. Well you caught me making one of my favorite dishes. Kale is very popular right now and a lot of people are eating it raw in salads. So today I'm going to show you a really quick kale salad that you can make at home.
You can see that I've chopped up my kale really finely. One of the tricks to making a kale salad is to take some of that bitter edge off. So what I'm going to do is that I'm just going to give my kale a little bit of a bath with some hot water. I'm just going to take a couple of minutes to rinse it, give it a little massage, a little squeeze. And what this is doing, it's just softening the leaves a little bit it takes a little bit of that raw taste away but it's not really cooking it, it's just softening it a little bit.
So once you've done that for a couple of minutes just go ahead and turn your water to cold, give a quick rinse, just to freshen it up again and we're good to go. So let's take this over to the ta...

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