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I'm Susan Bowerman, Herbalife nutritionist. Most of us don't eat as much fiber as we should, which is too bad since it offers so many benefits. Fiber, of course, helps move the digestive process along. High fiber foods are also filling, and fiber supports the growth of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract. But not all fibers function exactly the same way, which is why we often talk about two types of fiber -- soluble fibers and insoluble fibers.

As the name suggests, soluble fibers are just that -- they dissolve in water. And when these fibers dissolve, they thicken up. If you've ever cooked oatmeal at home, you probably noticed that as it cooks, it gets thick and gluey. That's because the soluble fiber in the oats is dissolving in the liquid, which makes your oatmeal a little sticky. When these fibers come in contact with the liquid in your stomach, they swell up and thicken, so they help keep you full. Soluble fiber is also the type of fiber that the healthy bacte...

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