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I'm Susan Bowerman, Herbalife nutritionist. People often complain to me that they think healthy foods are expensive, so they end up buying more processed foods -- thinking they're more affordable. But what do they mean by 'affordable'? Can they 'afford' the added fats and sugars and the lack of fiber in many processed foods? And how much nutrition are they getting for their food dollar? Let's look at some examples from the different food groups and see what - from a nutritional standpoint --your food dollars are really buying.

Fruits and vegetables make great snacks. And they're really not expensive. For less than a dollar, you could buy an orange and a carrot. That single orange gives you a full day's worth of vitamin C for only 75 calories, and the carrot gives you all your vitamin A for the day for only 25 calories. But let's say that you choose some chips for your snack instead. A small bag of chips costs about a dollar - more than the orange and carrot, and...

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