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Hi, I'm Susan Bowerman, Registered Dietician. Do you know where fats are lurking in your food?

Often times, you can't see them, but they're there. Today, I'm going to show you how much fat can be hidden in some of our most popular foods.

You may know that many of the foods we're looking at today contain hidden fat, but you might not realize exactly how much. When you read the nutrition facts panel, the fat grams per serving are listed, but maybe you never visualized how much you're really eating. So here's a tip: every 5 grams of fat is a teaspoon or about a pat of butter. Let's take a look:

Most regular salad dressings are fatty since they're made with oil. And although the label may tell you that a serving is 2 tablespoons, many people use a lot more and many restaurants give you up to 4 times that amount. When you put just tablespoons of ranch dressing on your salad, that's like adding 3 pats of butter to your leafy greens. Switch to a low-fat version at home, and ask f...

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