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Looking for new salad ideas or trying to find more ways to add healthy fish to your diet?

I'm Susan Bowerman, and you know I'm always talking to you about fish. Eating fish is a healthy choice because it's low calorie, it's high in protein and it's rich in omega 3 fats. Trying to eat a few fish meals per week is a challenge for some people because they don't know how to cook it, or they don't like to cook it because it makes the kitchen smell.

Canned tuna is great because it's convenient. I'm going to show you my favorite tuna salad and it takes literally two minutes or less to make. I'll start with a can of flaked up tuna and add about a half of a mashed up avocado.

I'm using avocado instead of the usual mayonnaise because it's going to help blend my tuna together and it's also going to add some healthy fat. The last thing I'm going to do is add some color with vegetables. I always have chopped veggies in my fridge so, if you have some, you can go ahead and put that in too....

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