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Hi, I'm Samantha Clayton, fitness expert and former competitive sprinter. I'm working with Herbalife to help you achieve a healthy, active life.

Today we are going to do an upper body and core inspired floor routine. But before we get started let's do a warm up to get you all loosened up and ready to go. So stand with your feet shoulder width apart do a quick posture check shoulders down and chin is up. And let's just reach the head to one side and then to the other and lets turn that into a roll just loosening off the neck. Remembering to keep a nice straight back let's just roll off the shoulders and roll forward slight bend in the knees. Coming up and switch sides and let's take it down to the floor with a plank walk out we are just going to hinge at the hips we are going to bend forward and walk out into plank and simply walk back up. Down we go holding in plank we are just going to loosen off holding one knee to the elbows. Lift to the other side and lets come back up.


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