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Do you know what 100 calories looks like? Hi, I'm Susan Bowerman, Registered Dietician and today we're going to look at 100 calorie portions of different foods.

What makes a food high or low in calories? High fat foods have a lot of calories per bite, while watery foods, like vegetables, have the fewest, which may help you see why some foods rack up calories so fast, and why 100 calories' worth of healthy fruits and veggies can be so filling.

We're going to start at this end of the table and move from the smallest servings over to the largest. Oil is pure fat, which is why you only get 2 teaspoons for 100 calories. Mayonnaise and butter each contain a bit of water, so the calories get slightly diluted, but 100 calories still only buys you 1 tablespoon of butter of mayonnaise.

Nut butters are pretty rich, too for 100 calories you also only get about 1 Tablespoon. Most cheese is high in fat, so for 100 calories you get barely a bite. Sugar in any form white, brown, honey, ma...

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