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Looking for a low impact workout? This is the video for you. Join me, Samantha Clayton, Director of Fitness Education at Herbalife as I show you this fun, beginners' workout that anyone can do.

As always, start a workout with a warm up. If you're not sure how to warm up, check out my previous video on how to do a basic warm up:

Here we go with the workout—the first move will be 30 seconds of walking, with arms up overhead. This works the upper body and lower body. It should challenge your coordination because you're taking opposite arm to opposite leg.

Our next move is a windmill. Step back, arms come down; step across, arms come over. You'll be able to feel this move work your glutes and your inner thighs. This move starts to engage your core and will get your heart rate up. You'll feel your oblique starting to work.

Now go into squat position because the next move is a squat with jab punches. I want you to sit back into squat. And we're just goin...

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